08 May 2015


Hello there.

My name's M.May, you can just call me May, and welcome to my blog.

Today's my birthday, I thought to myself, why not give life to my new blog today. So, happy birthday blog!

I'm Malaysian, a Masters of Finance graduate from Melbourne and a beauty lover. I spent 6 years in Melbourne and my time in Melbourne was where I polished my makeup skills by attending YouTube University, coupled with countless hours of reading beauty blog research papers. I have yet to graduate from YouTube University, but I intend to pursue my Ph.D. I think I'm doing alright in classes, so I sometimes conduct tutorials too.

Melbourne was awesome and I agree that it's the world's most liveable city. The weather's crazy, the people's crazy, the beaches are prefect, the food's out of this world and coffee snobs conquer the street. I love every bit of it!

Right now, I'm back in KL and I'm adjusting back into the heat and rain that KL most graciously showers us with everyday. I'm looking forward to my time back in KL and I will be sharing snippets of my journey on this blog.

I used to run a beauty blog since 2011 and met many great people. Beauty blogging has taught me a great deal of life skills and I'm thankful that I've embarked on the journey of beauty blogging. I would link you to my old blog, but maybe not right now.

I could continue blogging on my old blog, but I wanted to start new. It's a great place for me to look back and see my younger self, what type of layout and colours I liked and also what I wrote about. Somehow, I felt like I left my blog in a state where I didn't feel like coming back, it just feels that way. Beauty blogging was fun, but I gave myself a schedule and expectations that I couldn't keep up with and it really taught me a lesson.

Lighten up. It's ok.

I currently have no solid plans on what to include in my blog, I just want to post my photography here, for them to get a bit of loving. I'm also learning to lighten up, post whatever, whenever I liked and not freak out when thing's aren't exactly how I envisioned them.

Thank you for popping by, and I hope this blog will grow into the fine young lady that I hope it'll be.


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