19 June 2015


- Because I can't flatlay to save lives. -


For the longest time I can remember, I've been really loving the whole 'flatlay' trend that's seems to be all the rage on Instagram. My main inspiration's from Margaret, and I personally see her as the queen of flatlays. She does the neatest, and most symmetric flaylays I've seen, and it pleases me immensely. I love the vibrancy, the details and the controlled havoc from flaylays, it overwhelms your creative senses in just one picture, just like having the greatest high tea dessert platter served to you and your brain simply cannot process all the beauty and yumminess that's being presented before you. It's a sensory overload, but in the most inspiring way ever.

Flatlays aside, what you saw was a selection of Karla's jewellery stash that she brought to KL. We had the leisure of spending some time together and while she was repacking her overflowing luggage, I invited myself into her jewellery pouch, poured its contents out, and proceeded in attempting a flatlay at 1am. My favourite items fished out from her pouch is the 3 Disney Couture bracelets and the one that has me particularly smitten is the Pocahontas one with Meeko, Flit and a turquoise acorn. I can safely say I'm in love with Disney Couture, and I'm gonna nourish the child in me by adding a whole bunch of Disney jewellery into my wishlist.

I attempted to flatlay in the middle of the night, I realised I can't flatlay to save lives. It didn't turn out as I've envisioned it and it didn't feel right, you know? Sometimes things go smoothly and turn out perfect, and sometimes, you realise your flatlays just look... flat. Bleh. So I did what felt natural to me and realised I liked the images taken from the side better than from directly above. Hence, the 'sidelay' was born. Time to hashtag this, pronto. #sidelay

I hope you enjoyed this photo set and inspired you to rummage through your friend's jewellery collection.


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