30 June 2015



The camera loves red lips, and you will love those red lips too. -

Ah. The classic red lips.

The red lips are almost synonym with the little black dress, ask most people what the perfect LBD accessory is, and you'd often get 'red lips' as your answer. The perfect red lips screams femininity, sophistication and boldness, often portrayed on iconic unique women such as Angelina Jolie, Marylin Monroe, Dita Von Teese and my ultimate favourite, Kpop star and the ultimate queen - CL. Sure, they look pretty darn good with lipstick that doesn't scream 'look at me!!' from a mile away, but with red lips, they stand out in pictures and the camera loves them red lips.

There's something about completing your makeup look with bold red lips, bringing it to the next level and making it seem like you spent hours upon hours to achieve, when in reality you probably spent more time trying to get those darn falsies to behave than anything else in your makeup routine. My favourite night out accessory (not that I have such a thriving night life) is a bold red lip - you spend hours and hours on the perfect cut crease, the sexiest smokiest eye you've ever achieved or the most Kardashian-esque sculpted cheekbones in the world, only to have it magically disappear when you step into the dim lights of the bar or club. Take a photo? Sure, your makeup gets washed out like #Iwokeuplikethis but no, we didn't go through that much pain to not have our makeup show up! Ah, bring forth those red lips and you will glow like nobody's business in pictures. The camera loves red lips, and you will love those red lips too.

There's a million YouTube videos and articles on how to select the right red lipstick - cool tone, warm tone, blue based, orange based, pink based - it's rocket science. I'd say, it doesn't matter because it's just lipstick, it'll wipe off. Pick the colour that you fall in love with because when you feel like it's the one, it's probably the one. I really can't say that I red through the whole 'Red Lipstick Text Book' before purchasing the lipstick I have on in the pictures above, I was at a makeup warehouse sale and I saw it sitting right at the bottom of a massive beaten up pile - I picked it up and fell in love. It was fate and I thank the lipstick Gods. Keep a lookout for this magical lipstick in my next post, along with some other items used to achieve the look above.

Alas, ensuring that your red lips lasts all day - that's a whole different volume of the textbook that I have yet to experiment with. But let me give you a tip - long wearing liquid lipsticks. 'nuff said.

When you know it's going to be a fabulous day, give them red lips a go.


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