12 July 2015



- Snapshots from the car. -

Hey Adelaide.

When it comes to travelling, I'm really lucky because the bf and I enjoy the same travel style - laid back local adventures. As much as one's tempted to create the perfect jam packed holiday itinerary to see every sight and sound, we much prefer to highlight a couple of places to visit for the day then explore what the journey had to offer along the way.

Adelaide was an absolute perfect road trip destination. Great drive, great scenery and great people. I do want to highlight the great people part because honestly after a couple of years in Melbourne, I have to say that many people way out in the suburbs are not a fan of 'outsiders' and I have had my fair share of discrimination. Adelaide, on the other hand, was so warm and welcoming - never a hint of discrimination and chock full of honest friendly conversations wherever we went. Adelaide, you guys are perfect.

Above are a couple of my favourite shots, mainly taken from the car, on our drive to Barossa Valley - vineyard galore. The bf's quite a wine fanatic and we could not pass up on visiting some of our favourite wineries - with Jacob's Creek and Peter Lehman being the most scenic and friendliest of them all.
I have to bring your attention to the second last picture above of this crazily vivid sunset - no, it was not photoshopped and yes, that was what the sunset looked like. It was my first time seeing such a surreal sunset - the colours were so rich and dare I say, like a fairytale? I mean, I've seen some great sunsets from Melbourne, but this takes the cake. I wish we stopped for better pictures but we were gunning on arriving at our destination before it got too dark.

Unfortunately, we did not arrive at our destination before nightfall because as soon as we drove into civilisation, we realised that one of us left our phone in Peter Lehman on the picnic table. Cue panic attack! Driving in the dark back to the winery on a bumpy road, being the only car for miles, knowing that finding help would be difficult - really does show how we've been accustomed to the comforts of civilisation. Thank goodness for the 'Find iPhone' app, we found the poor phone sitting in pitch darkness with nothing but the stars for light.

That, is an adventure we will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Adelaide, we'll see you in a little while.


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