30 July 2015



Nothing like luxurious gold packagings to make a girl's day. -

After my last post on red lipstick, I got a couple of questions from some fabulous friends on what lipstick did the Lipstick Gods bless upon me at the magical warehouse sale, what blue liner I used to achieve the look on the left. Well, the photo on the left isn't very clear, I recommend you click click click to view the original post *nudge nudge*.

As you can guess, all the products I used can be found on the flatlay in this post, with the three main products shown in the next couple of pictures below: MAC Pearlizer Sheer Pigment - Good As Gold (lids and highlights - discontinued), YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain - 09 Rouge Laque and MAC Pigment - Steel Blue (liner).  The products are pretty straight forward, except the blue liner I suppose - dip them liner brush in mixing medium, dip in pigment and you're good to go! Internet University has provided us with a long list of recommended mixing mediums - from contact lense solution, primer spray etc but I decided to go simple with just water, kinda like painting.

When I was younger, I loved painting - we had an entire wall filled with paintings by my siblings and I, and I guess that's how I gotten into makeup art, however that's a story for another time yeah.

I really want to tell you about finding my holy grail lip product in a warehouse sale, all beaten up, sitting in the bottom of a box of unwanted goods. Back in Melbourne, we drove an hour into the suburbs for the highly anticipated L'Oreal warehouse sale to hopefully snag some great bargains - I admit, I went late in the noon because I wasn't hyped up after being left disappointed

multiple times by the Heat Cosmetics warehouse sales. Boy was I wrong, products galore and we were greeted by a massive hoard of zombie-like women snatching up $2 lipsticks like there was no tomorrow.

When I arrived at the warehouse, a portion of the good stuff were gone but there were still some awesome stuff to get the heart rate soaring. I decided to rummage through the YSL pile just for fun and right at the very bottom of a lonely box filled with beaten up YSL packagings, I found this bright red product staring right at me. By random luck, I found this YSL Glossy Stain and it was love at first sight. I was clueless on the texture, durability etc but I had to have it! This, coming from someone who never buys a beauty product without prior research, was a huge leap of faith - and a very foreign feeling. I know there are consumers who think similarly and makeupalley's our go to place for a quick fix.

I also managed to pick up a bunch of other products I was eager to try, at a highly discounted price. I was a very happy camper that day. Nothing like luxurious gold packagings to make a girl's day.

Speaking of flatlay, I mentioned I couldn't flatlay to save lives in a previous post a while back but I refused to give up. I created a flatlay moodboard of my favourite designs, gathered as much inspiration as I could from them and just experimented with the design. I think they came out much better than my previous proper flatlay attempt and I'll keep on practicing.

Every practice is a learning process.


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