23 August 2015



- Shooting moving subjects for the first time and being transported to makeup heaven. -

Ever since I fell in love with photography, my main focus was still life photography and landscape photography while photographing people was easily my least favourite because I had to plan and work with the subject. I mean, with still life photography, you can command that lipstick to change positions a hundred times and it wouldn't complain. If it did, I'd toss it out of the window in a heartbeat.

After lurking around the style blogging scene for a while, I've really picked up an interest in street photography, capturing them at the perfect moment. Unfortunately, I've been too shy to photograph my friends because you know, I'd be shy too - wouldn't you? Most of my valuable times with friends are spent catching up and laughing anyway.

When Shoppr hosted their very first beauty workshop with Shelly, I knew it was a great chance to try my hands at photographing gorgeous stylish moving subjects. My main aim was to meet some awesome people and finally getting to watch Shelly's tutorials live in the flesh, as well as trying out street photography, it was a win-win all around.
Shelly's tutorial was surreal because after watching her makeup tutorials on YouTube, I had to remind myself a couple of times that 'Hey, you're not watching a computer screen this time, it's for real.' Shelly did an amazing job of explaining her application methods and what products worked for her, especially allowing me a close up look of her skin because I was having some trouble finding a good foundation. The very first few photos above is an assortment of Shelly's extensive and exotic makeup stash (some aren't available in Malaysia and Australia) - and let me tell you, being able to swatch and play with them transported me to makeup heaven. Yes, makeup swatching is one of my guilty pleasures.

I also managed to snap a few OOTD shots of the lovely ladies at the workshop, as well as a couple of candid shots after asking permission to photograph them. I'm so glad everyone happily obliged and posed so perfectly. If it's were me, I'd totally go all tensed and end up with photos resembling a crab. What do crabs look like anyway?? I don't know, I was just thinking of crabs a second ago. I really loved the candid shots I managed to capture and I wished I was brave enough to approach more people for shots. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity.

Thank you Shoppr for hosting this fun event and I can't wait to attend the next one! Also, thank you to the lovely ladies for allowing me the privilege to photograph you and thank you Shelly for sharing your wisdom with us!


p.s. If any of you lovely ladies want a copy of any of the pictures above, feel free to message me on any platforms. =D

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