04 August 2015



- The fancy unfancy, if you get my gist. -

There's something about a  plain tee and comfy ripped jeans that makes a girl look effortlessly chic and put together. The fancy unfancy, if you get my gist. Pair them with a statement item and you're ready to conquer the world without the discomfort of having your blood circulation cut off by insanely tight jeans.

Plain tees can sometimes be too boring, having a statement piece or an article of clothing with some unique details can make an outfit seem more put together, where in my usual case, my go to item is always my trusty faux leather jacket. Unfortunately, wearing that in the humid KL weather is not exactly a bright idea and more often that not, I catch myself mentally saying hello to the jacket when I'm rummaging through my wardrobe. Yes, me crazy.
Presently, I'm still learning how to best dress up a tee for summer weather after years of heavily relying on outerwear to complete an outfit. My current next best option is this floppy black felt hat - it's cute, the floppy brim keeps the sun out and gives an outfit a classy touch.

Speaking of accessories, I think great statement necklace would look great with a plain tee, but I've yet to grow my statement accessory collection. Will I add it into my potential capsule wardrobe? I've yet to decide.

Also! This vintage monogrammed white Celine handbag used to belong to my mom more than 20 years ago! More on that next time.

I may start building a work capsule wardrobe. Pretty darned excited about it!


Assistant photographer: Mr. Remote - say hi!

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