12 September 2015



- I'm assuming I have a scrapbooking face. -

After a couple of weeks of very technical job related stuff, I'm having some slight creative withdrawals - I miss my camera dearly and also planning for OOTD shoots. My creative inspiration is slowly declining and as my fingers go clacking over the keyboard, I cannot help but snap into work mode.

A couple days ago, I was requested by my career coach at work to amend by 'development plan' because my goal was not measurable - I wrote down 'Find a balance between technical and creative life'. How do I measure this goal? As of now, I have no idea. I guess she also naturally deduced my definition of creative life was scrapbooking and probably iPhone photography. I'm assuming I have a scrapbooking face. I laugh at that though of me scrapbooking - my blog is my digital scrapbook.
As I sit down trying to get in touch with my neglected creative side, I decided to take it slow. I ran to my wardrobe, yanked out the outfit and items I used to achieve my White Tee and Ripped Jeans post, spewed them over floor and snapped some flatlay pictures. It was like finally getting in touch with a friend whom I haven't spoken to in ages (actually, probably less than a month) and the second we met, we were instantly picking up where we left off.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about my 'post-writing friend' compared to my 'photography friend'.. We were never extremely comfortable with each other, but after some awkward silences and wondering to myself 'What do I say next?', I think we're finally falling into the rhythm we once were familiar with. We're getting there.

One day, I will achieve my goal of balancing technical and creative life.


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